Reply To: Where did a lot of money disappear to?



Inez 🙂
If he looking to propose will need to see the ole bank account so she can be looked after in the manner she is accustomed.
Just think a virgin marrage on Don Carlos Beach 😀

Back to the plane crash.
Now of course if the plane was in control of a pilot that wasnt involved ?then this would be a very sad case.
The thread was started to ask where the money went and in this case perhaps a large chunk is accounted for.
Just came from a meeting of people that have had dealings and lost everything and can report they were devasted about the news. 🙄
Charlie . The cannibal theory could be the other serious factor in this case but whichever they will remain in our thoughts. 👿
We should also respect that some of the posters feel that some of us have no respect for those that have just departed.
If you look at it from their point of view we do have a case where people have actually died and here we are talking about whether they have been eaten by Lions or Cannibals.
I trust you you all now start showing some respect. 🙄

Just Frank 8)