Reply To: Where did a lot of money disappear to?


Now now Frank – dont upset littl ole hearsay rattle on harry, poor peep will throw his toys out of his pram!

Charlie – I didnt read his full vent so didnt see it was aimed at me personally – and he knows a thing or two about me eh – lucky boy – many would LOVE to know a thing or two!

And hes right you know, I do tell it like it is and you know what – people love it. Ive had a pretty busy week cos people have read what I have said in the papers and heard on the radio!

As for being qualified, well 24 years in property, from building sites upwards – I know about bricks, mortar and how to fool the surveyors as well. Also mortgage broker from the 88/90s rental agency owner, ran EA office wood green london, worked auctions yawn – so boring really! 1st boyfriend was a property developer, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

And 5pm Frank far too late to start on the old red stuff! My goodness, coffee and brandy at 10am in the good days!

Just back from traipsing around Casares with clients, nice day fo rit is all I can really report on that!

Toodle pip folks!