Reply To: Where did a lot of money disappear to?



@inez wrote:

I heard about that too and apparently wasnt an accident.

Oh what a shame!

Hearsay or nay…

Do you think that an appropriate think to say Inez?

A plane goes missing in the jungle, there were by all accounts five or six people on board, all of these people I am sure have families and friends who must be at their wits end, worried sick about where these people are and what has happened to them.

And what do you do?

Make a facile post, with I would hazard a guess, your obtuse and completed unfounded opinion that this wasn’t an accident.

Which suggests what then in your opinion?

And says what to the families of these people?

And what if you are completely wrong in your so easy and glib remark?

And then, you say “Oh what a shame” which is to be taken, as what exactly? The opposite one presumes, that you think it a good thing that these people are missing and one must presume are not alive or if so must be lost out there somewhere.

How cold and callous as you follow this up with:

“Better ask the other snakes out there what happened to their cousins!”

Who do you think you are to make this kind of monstrous statement?

I have no idea who these people are, except for one of them who I am aware has something of reputation, but that is only hearsay for sure, and I know a thing or two about you also, and your reputation that isn’t hearsay!

So, shame on you for this, I think you are all too free with your comments on a number of issues, I actually think you are a misguided individual altogether and dupe a lot of people on this forum with your positioning and statements which you are in the main completely unqualified to give, yet are all designed to get you clients and seems to me to be your single and only means of doing so, but I fear you overstep the mark here.

Way overstep the mark actually, you should not let your forum farming get you so carried away, you should think before you post sometimes, most especially in a tragic case such as this appears most certainly to be, what you posted was a disgrace and you should apologise within this thread to the relatives and loved ones in case they should ever have occasion to read your post.

Unbelievable it really is what some of you guys think you can say and impugn sometimes, I just couldn’t let that one slide by, I really could not!

Stick to the facts people, not this kind of awful slander, when so many real lives are obviously at stake, whatever the reputation or otherwise of people who can’t answer back or whatever self appointed position of high morals you think you possess.