Reply To: Guadalpin Hotel



Other ‘arguments’ used in court:

1. They were only investors – this, despite the build being illegal/no legal docs. etc.
This has nothing to do with anything, a contract is a contract and if the developer doesn’t deliver they should return the deposit.

2.How do we know it is a real doctor? On providing medical proof from a UK doctor (on headed notepaper) that to retire to a warmer climate would benefit a purchaser who had severe arthritis, hence the proof they weren’t ‘investing’ but retiring to Spain for health reasons.

3. They needn’t have bought in Spain – they could have bought anywhere that has a warmer climate… This was an argument used to the same purchaser who only wanted their money back because it was an illegal build. I never did understand the logic of that ‘argument’.

You couldn’t make it up……but the developers did!