Reply To: Lost in Translation.. A simple tax question



Hi SpanishLawyer,

Just to confirm are you saying that I use the escritura value to calculate the tax we pay on the notional income that we receive for renting the property.

If so that is crazy, because what it means is that I am paying extra tax because it takes the local council over 2 years to issue the valor catastral.

I own 2 properties in Spain, neither are rented. The first is a 3 bedrooom apartment, (our holiday home) and the valor castral is 60,000. The second in the same resort is 2 bedroomed and was bought at a later date for 187,000.

So I pay 3 times the tax (for imaginary rent) on a 2 bedroomed property than I do for a larger and more expensive 3 bedroomed property!!!

Can I claim this extra tax back when the valor catastral is issued??