Reply To: Mortgages in Spain


What is rude about asking questions and quoting you?
“Declares all what mg? More importantly I don´t care that´s her business not mine. “
You may not, so why would you believe that the bank should take the same attitude. No income, no loan.

“Again mg, I don´t work for the banks so I don´t care about their fragile enterprise any more than they care about mine!! “
But as you claim to have special relationships with banks, surely you know the way they operate and what they expect from someone who requests a loan.

“You worry far too much mg about the banks being decieved. “
I asked questions and did not claim deception, only you and your client know the truth.

“They should be more careful and consistent in the way they go about conducting their business”
And when they are, you slag them off for not giving your client a loan.

“treat us like 5hite” – So the people you claim a close relationship and preferential terms from, treat you like “5hite”. Quite unbelievable.

“I side with the borrower all of the time” – You would if you get a fee for every loan you can arrange. Surely that is common sense?

“and make sure the banks are not deceiving them with their hidden costs.”
Are you sure that your claims of preferential treatment are correct

Are you sure you are not an agent or maybe a politician, insomuch as when questioned, walks away, rather than back up their statements and claims?
I am begining to think that perhaps I can understand why it was a bank believed your client “fell foul”