Reply To: Developers going bust



I know Goodstitch! It is very sad and almost unbelievable but I assure you it is still happening, well at least here in Ireland it is. Only last week there was a lady on the radio who phoned in for any help or advise she could be given in relation to an apartment she bought that later turned out not to be an apartment at all but a commercial outlet that was being sold to her as a dwelling. She only found out that it was a commercial property only when she went to sign at the notary but that was too late as it was in her contract in Spanish…which she could not read so it is still happening! As I have said I have contacted the newspapers and that to ask why they are not making people aware the pitfalls but they are just not interested and there are a lot of people who do not even know how to use the internet never mind go on it to do research on the developers/properties , they take someones word when they tell them “all is well, all will be fine” but as we know only too well is most cases it is not fine.