Reply To: Mortgages in Spain



@katy wrote:

I would never use a broker, 1% or more 😯 I think you would have to be so desperate to do that it may be better to not purchase.

I understand your reservations katy, however, a good broker can get better terms than a bank is allowed to offer over the counter.

It takes alot of time to build a relationship with a faceless bank. But as I said, just stripping away the banks associated products will save an applicant money. To get a more favoutible interest rate will save a lot more.

1% – brokers fee on a 100,000€ mortgage will cost a customer 1,000€ – maybe even less as a bank will normally charge .5% for themselves, I have the banks down to .35% for themselves so my clients only have to pay .85% , equal to only 850€ for my work, yet when you look at stripping away 3750€ worth of banks products, plus a rate of 5.15% negotiated by me as opposed to the banks over the counter 5.35% then the client is nearly 4000€ better off in the first year alone.

It´s like the old RE agent argument that prevails, a good agent will get the buyer a good deal, there is no difference when it comes to a good broker.