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@mg wrote:

“Use a large town or city branch for your application, they usually have go-ahead managers who can push the application if a bit iffy, as head offices listen to good managers.” – But when the finance market is in such a poor state of health, why should any manager “push” an “iffy” application.
If the applicant is “iffy”, why not just show them the door. If they are “iffy” to start with, what happens if the market deteriorates?
A.) Hand the keys back and expect to walk away from debt. Like Hell. Don’t lend to them.

There is iffy and there is iffy mg.

Using another case to illustrate. I had a client who owned 2 properties outright, total value 365,000€.

She works part time with no pay slips to prove personal income. She has the chance to buy the business she works for, which is very profitable.

So, any normal bank would refuse to look at it because there is no proof of income. Even though she is “equity rich” – the banls needed proof of earnings.

I took the modelos of the current owner to the bank to prove future/possible earnings to her existing local bank – they refused it. I took the same details to my preferred branch of the same bank and it was approved.

That is my kind of iffy mg, I don´t deal in the seedy world of no-hopers.

As I said, there is iffy and there is iffy!!