Reply To: The end of cheap flights?


Hi Suzanne,

They discussed this on Working Lunch (BBC2) today. EasyJet lost 57M in the first half of the year, but passengers & freight are up.
They said at the end that one way of saving on fuel was to fly a little slower Really, I’m not joking.

My belated congratulations. Your persistence and tenacity at getting justice shows amazing strength of character. 😀

Interestingly flying back from Madeira last week via Easyjet, we arrived back at Bristol 45 minutes early because of tail winds. I was aware of the engines ‘firing up’ and then pausing throughout the flight which was a little un-nerving (I’ve always been nervous flying and expect the wings to fall off!). Also, the pilot glided into the landing – another technique adopted by the airlines to save fuel I hear.

Katy’s absolutely right – we are spoilt with really low cost travel. I have a sister who lives in Australia. She’s so jealous that we can hop around Europe for so little money.