Reply To: Building V Sales. The Question?



Ralita – all drops are relative. There are ‘bargains’ around but its not a bargain if its a pretty unsaleable unit to start with

I have 2 townhouses (well 1 now) 1st 2 bed 2 bath integral garage beachside cancelada. 15 years old complex, but in good nick, 186sqm built. Normally sell not refurbished for 260-270k, I have for 189,000 – sold yesterday. Spanish seller, had to get out quick. Next door 3 bedder 235sqm built on for 215k. South facing and pretty much cant fault them.

Most thses beachside in the 400k+ mark! Mioght find a little lower.

I was suprised and to be honest till they are at notary I wont believe it, but so far so good!

Percentage wise thats a good 30% on the first and around 40 on the second, but the location and position is spot on, so will hold value. Also they are houses and not 2 bed boxes!