Reply To: How is the credit crunch afecting new property markets???



“The trouble with us Brits is that we still think the world revolves around us.”

Property agents were more than happy to fill the UK property exhibitions in their thousands all the time there was plenty of money and purchasers around.
They were more than happy to tap nowhere but the UK market….. until it dried up. Let’s not forget the Brits. put a lot of bread ‘n butter on the tables of many a REA for a very long time.
Now the market has dried up there, isn’t it bit disingenuous to now take a swipe, accusing the Brits of thinking the world revolves around them?
If anything, the REA’s thought ‘their world revolved around the Brits’ all the time the money was pouring in.

If the REA’s always felt so strongly about other markets why were they all so busy hitting nowhere but the UK for many many years? Because until recently, it was simply the biggest – and probably the easiest – market to tap.