Reply To: Can we stop the personal abuse


I always found it slightly odd that someone who has no interest in polaris would have the need to keep returning to what many feel is an owners forum, often start by saying how he had considered buying but pulled out at the last moment as ‘it didn’t stack up’ and go on to tell everyone they were wearing rose tinted glasses.
I think it fair to say that all sorts got caught out in the Spanish property slump, lot of people suffering right now, must be very hard to stay positive when someone (who often came across as gloating for having dodged the bullet) keeps returning to stress his negative opinions.

Had I been in the same position as some owners, struggling with rentals in order to pay the mortgage, looking for constructive advice but instead confronted with someone who keeps telling me I’m wearing rose tinted glasses, I would have came up with something a bit spicier than neg kev.