Reply To: La Reserva de Marbella


I’ve been in a quandary – wanting to post my good news – but not wanting to put a spanner in the works, particularly for the class action which was heard 5 months after mine.

I was in court in Malaga last November – Mr P. was there too, while I was interrogated by his lawyer. It took four months to get a decision from the Judge, and I am so happy to say that I WON.
The class action mentioned in the article that jsmith has kindly posted was only heard 2 weeks ago. They waited just one week for the Judge’s Ruling.

Penarroya have appealed, and in my case refused to pay me the money, so this is now being enforced. I cannot praise my lawyer highly enough; he has been a constant source of support and professionalism – a far cry from the original lawyer I was with (as were many in the class action).