Reply To: 50% price falls in UK are actually possible…

Claire wrote:
But all my neigbors have new cars, plasma TV-s
How do you know that Ralita? Maybe they saved for it first and maybe they have company cars!

Because I have conversations with them and they kept on saying that they could take a
secured loand and buy electronics or put a downpayment for a new car, etc.
And I always ask them why don’t they save money first and they say that why save and banks give them money with low interest rate…

You can imagine that they are not the brightest of people, hence the reason I shall move soon from that blue-collarish neighborhood.

About media, they always have Vested Interest. They talked the property up when many of the journalists had BTL portofolios, then they sold the portofolios and now talk the market down hoping to buy on the deep a new BTL portofolio. It is quite smart…