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Hi Angie 🙂
No not an agent in the past for Eralia,just have an illegal build on Green Hills,
Top U.K agent for H.2.0 and thankfully everything I sold has worked out fine for the clients.
Yep O.-.P to and very sucessful there to until I found it to be a right set up and got all clients deposits back.
Went out on another of their inspection trips and went around telling all prospective clients not to buy.
Caught had a hiding and sent home on the next plane.
Very sucessful with a company called Interlink but they insisted I lie to clients telling them that planning had been approved when it didnt.
Went to their solicitor to cry foul and stopped the deposits back and lost a small fortune in commissions.
The solicitor and me then went on the attack against them as she was unaware of what was going on and we have been dear friends for years.
As this is my thread .I will tell you more.
Had intensive training to become an estate agent in the U.K by the largest and most respect estate agents in Europe.
Training started at 10.00 a.m on the road and an expert by 11.00 a.m.
Probably the worst estate agent ever as I have had almost a lifetime in construction and kept telling everyone buying in particular young couples not to buy because the property had this problem or that problem.
Well there you go, a full and final confession.
I was there,I did the deed.
Well everyone to their own I suppose 🙂

Just Frank 8)