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Angie 🙂
If you need advice like that please p.m me and I will be more than happy to help as countless others will confirm.
All you need to know is I am not an agent (used to be 😈 )and the best 🙂
I have numerous transactions of my own in property in Spain.
I have two properties,well one and a bit really and I am and have been involved with everything from setting up exhibition stands to litigation.over many years.
I have investors looking at the market for property as posted several weeks back.
I have seen the very worst and I have seen some pretty damn good.
If you want a question and answers regarding Spain Charlie is the gal .
To start the lawyer would depend on what you wanted them for,which particular area as one fits all doesnt work.
Estate agent I would probably use or ask Inez if its the Costa Del Sol.
The rest of Spain or Portugal wouldnt have a clue.

Have a nice day 😉

Just Frank 8)

How did I do 🙂