Reply To: Long term, things don’t look too bad


@Peter Good wrote:

I have to say, probably the biggest problem Spain suffers from is the local and regional planning departments.

I know of many, many large decent and honest developers who have recieved building licenses and have begun building only to be stopped by the town hall or provincial government whilst they investigate how or why planning was given. It usually transpires that the local town hall had no right to give building licenses or had wrongly processed the application.

……provincial government can suddenly hit the developer with environmental impact studies or similar.

….a town with a corrupt mayor who comes under investigation usually has all licences suspended or revoked while investigations into possible irregularites are carried out.

In all the above cases, building is usually delayed, in many cases for months or years.

100% correct Peter. This was certainly the scenario for the development we were buying on, and also for many others in and around Marbella.
The problems were compounded by the developers giving bribes in the first place.