Reply To: Roca, may leave prison today!


@katy wrote:

There was to be a demonstration in marbella today re. Roca’s return. They say he is a persona non grata.

Looks like there was a good turnout. Some 2,000 local residents of Marbella took to the streets last night to demand that Juan Antonio Roca leave the town and lose his assets here.
They are planning to ask the instruction judge in the Malaya case, Óscar Pérez, for a distancing order from the town, considering that ex real estate assessor has ill-treated the municipality. Others want him returned to prison until his trial.

Now the judge has asked the Police money laundering unit in Málaga to find out where that million € has come from. He particularly wants to know if those who contributed to the sum can legally justify its origin. Wonder if some are now wishing they hadn’t got involved. 😈