Reply To: Roca, may leave prison today!



Yes Shakeel! i could not agree with you more and from what I have read it is numerous charges that are “alleged ” against him so why wait around
to face a prision sentense on any one of these charges. I think that when he was put into prison that his solicitors kept telling him “any day now you will be released” it did take 2 years for the bail but that was only because it all got out of hand and blew up in their faces under operation Malaya. But then they were uncovering too much under judge Angel miguel Torres so they got rid of Judge Torres because he was uncovering too much about too many.
Also as you said Shakeel who is to stop him getting on a plane? after all they turn a blind eye to everything else and getting a passport is a simple affair of money changing hands…from what I have read anyway. Rocca was the last remaining member of the operation Malays group to be behind bars and now that he is out they probably will hope it will be forgotten about…But I don’t think so!!