Reply To: Construction cartel in the UK



1) Do not advertise the property.

2) Do not make fresh appoitments

3) Do not take the prospective tenents to the propetry.

4) Do not take fresh set of reference.
Why not when circumstances can change so drastically.
The landlord should insist on it and make it a condition of terms with the agent.

5) Do not prepare a fresh contract.
Why not?
The landlord obviously doesn’t mind, or why would he agree?

The clients use them to introduce a tenant for which the agreed fee plus VAT is paid. The estate agents like the banks are a cartel. I do not see how the same level of fee is due to them when the level of work is negligible at the time of renewal,
If the landlord is not happy with the terms, why agree to them.
It as if you are saying that clients are afraid of the estate agents. They are salesmaen and many unqualified, so why be afraid of dictating terms when they work for you. Without the landlords, they would be out of business.
What is considered a reasonable fee for the renewal of a licence?