Reply To: Long term, things don’t look too bad



Personally I would not still be here if I didnt firmly believe in the future here. I bought my then young kids out 13 years ago aged 5 and 3. I disagree that the state system is not that good and I had reservations in the beginning, but after I went back to the Uk for 8 months and saw the difference, I realized how good it is here

The teachers in the main really enjoy teaching and are very freindly to the kids. There is a lot of laughter and fun and the ones that want to learn get so much help and attention. They are not afraid of the kids giving them a kiss on the cheek and it is encouraged, kids feel like they belong to another family, and if there are problems its noticed with both you and the school trying to find the root of it.

My daughter and son were both nurtured there and whilst I moved them in the secondary school years to a private SPANISH school, the younger years were pretty much perfect and a delight to have such happiness around.

Both kids have excelled Im pelased to say with my daughter taking her finals in Bachillerato and preparing for university, in Spain, in October. The schooling is extrememly thorough with continuous tests on subjects, not pressurizing but to show where there are holes that need to be covered.

As they both speak/write English too, they were able to have English as their second second language and so speak Spanish, english, french and german as well – all at state level!

Re the lifestyle, well it has to be second to none. Im sure there are other places in the world, but none quite the same as here

Yes there is a lot of build and progress, but then again I remember the days when it took 5 hours to drive from Fuengirola to Gibraltar – no pain no gain! We all want to get to our destinations faster and so the building goes on – its not the back end of beyond anymore. Spoilt? well perhaps, but look at the advantages, and there are many.

Food is getting more expensive, but still not that bad. Work wise, well the internet and networking opens huge doors for those unafraid of walking through. There is no need to live and work in the same place and the future will just expand on this. People will come to live here and more families – I have always said this – therefore the demand will be for 3/4 bed properties with 2 parking spaces, for people to have offices in.

When I first came here it was a lot harder, no opportunities and yet I was not short of work – never have been. Its meant adapting and changing to meet the challenges, but thats the fun of life really – isnt it?