Reply To: Long term, things don’t look too bad




that is good to see. Let’s hope they are right!


my feeling nowadays is that despite all that has gone wrong, when things settle down, (and if only the building would stop!!!) people will start to come back slowly, but in what numbers will be decided in the next couple of years probably……..

If the powers that be, can install faith in Spains ability to do right by people, when it comes to building, planning, regulation and justice, then why shouldn’t it recover in the long term? If change is not seen to happen though, it will be a very bumpy road ahead i think?

The climate will always be such a huge draw though. I for one, will always love to holiday in the north-med Spanish resorts, depite my loathing for some Spanish and uk agents , lawyers and developers mainly in the south.

Much as i love many things about Spain, climate, space, lifestyle etc, since our dealings, and reading many peoples first hand experience of living in Spain, i appreciate the UK far more these days, and have come to think that the UK on balance is probably no better or worse a place to live. So many pro’s and cons to both for me personally.