Reply To: Long term, things don’t look too bad



Yes, it has never been easier to do remote working. Broadband is good but not in some rural areas. (I would like to know why mine cuts out intermittently around 3pm and 10pm).

There are still some decent spots, close to good airport connections. Think it’s great for young freelancers etc. and also people whose children have left the nest. Personally I would not educate my children here (except at one or two of the better private schools). Many however, do. I know a few whose husbands commute and take long weekends here and one couple, both work on the Oil rigs…they have 3 week on and 3 week off so are based here.

Don’t think this would help clear the thousands of 2 bed boxes they have built though, totally unsuitable for year round living and working from home. It would be ideal an office in some of the nice Villas, watching the Eagles, listening to the many birds. Beats commuting from the suburbs anyway 😉