Reply To: Spanish economy is going down the drain


You have this habit of taking a link and building a negative picture of Spain and it’s economy. However, a reply to the actual article you link to states

Interesting idea; 1.7% – 1.9% GROWTH sensationalised as a recession and pre-cursor to the ‘doomed’ Euro! (yawn). As a resident in the Eurozone, it’s not the Euro I worry about!

and another……

If Spain is spending ist’s budget surplus to get out of trouble, they cannot be in as much trouble as we in the UK are, because we have NO surplus to spend, or tax rebates to send out. We only have a government committed to taxing everyone more, including the lowest income earners and spending it all on more half baked ministerial initiatives

Now that makes more interesting and factual reading!

Interesting to follow the links from that Times page to the truths about the UK economy that give a balance to the situation like………

Halifax raises mortgage rates by 0.5%

House prices fall by 1.6 per cent in February

Tories blame Brown for house price ‘bust’

Emergency meeting to find way out of mortgage crisis

Seems popular opinion and the Times think the UK economy has a lot more problems ahead of it than even that of Spain.