Reply To: Long term, things don’t look too bad



That is a fair assumption Mark.

The way I see it, most people go through phases in their lives.

They get to a level in their career (usually around 35 years old) and for the first time notice younger people coming up behind them with fresh ideas and new terminolgy. At this point, you are also becoming tired of the Rat-Race, you are looking for answers to the age old question “where is all this going”?. You become disatisfied with the consumer society, you begin to look for an easier way to live.

The first thing is to get rid of your mortgage, so, you examine the equity in your property. Then you start looking for cheaper areas to live away from the City. It´s at this point you begin to think about becoming a vegitarian. The Good-life starts to appeal, a bit of land to grow your own produce, a quaint village or the countryside become appealing.

Before you know it, you have resigned from you 45k a year job, bought a house and land in the Outer Hebrides or deepest Andalucia and your partner is doing B&B whilst you are trying to make a living on the internet.

This whole scenario is common and you will notice when it is beggining because you start to listen to your Sting albums again maybe grow a beard!

Yes, if you have the courage and desire to do it, why not? Millions never will and the Spanish climate will never be affected by the credit crunch.