Reply To: Is nothing safe anymore?



I had an email from my friend in Co. Durham last weekend. His factory is in Tony Blairs´ constituency.

He supplies leather clothing to the retail industry, imports from Italy etc.

He has had 3 robberies this year. He decided to sleep in his premises as he can no longer get insurance.

His family are in farming locally, so he took a shotgun with him.

At 2am last Sunday a van burst through his doors and 5 guys in masks got out, when he challenged them, the ringleader said, if he shot them he would go to prison for life and never see his family again.

He contemplated the thought whilst the robbers packet everything of value into their van as bold as brass.

My friend had to let them go. He then called the police and gave them details of the vehicle and people. 2 days later on the Tuesday the police arrived to take fingerprints even though the robbers wore gloves.

The police said they probably won´t track the vehicle as it appeared to have stolen number plates.

He asked the detective why they didn´t cut the van off as soon as he telephoned in the direction it was going on the A19, the detective said they had more important things to do and suggested he get insurance.

We need a new political party with emphasis on law and order and protection for hard working citizens and a little less on throwing litter from the car window and rescuing minor banking institutions at a cost of 26bn GBP!!