Reply To: Is nothing safe anymore?


Yes I know – its not the breaking in, its the lack of respect period.

When I first came to Spain there was petty crime – tended to be the local gyspies who wold take whatever you left out in the frint garden (in my case the kids bikes!!! They left them outside and they were taken)

But I used to leave the hood down on my car then (12 years ago) all summer as I do now and would park anywhere – nothing got touched from change to whatever and nothing much has happened since, but its the feeling of having to be aware now thats around.

Shops are noticing petty crime up – shopl;ifting etc and if the tourists arent here this year for the pickpockets, then what will these people do? Rob where they can

Drugs will become more rife and so it will go on

Such a shame and yes the pc brigade have gone too far. I left the uk after feeling unsafe there – I was threatened by a bunch of 10 year olds whilst sitting in my car in broad daylight. Luckily I had my doors locked as they tried to get in! The childrens father was threatened by a yob while taking our kids to the swings and I would never let the kids play out in the front garden or walk more than 2 feet away from me in the streets in case they were abducted. Not a way tolive and whilst its a very very long way away from that now here, I do hope and pray it wont get that bad

Hopefully the Spanish government whilst being socialists, will NOT give out freebies to encourage the lazy swines and takers that have contributed to ruining a great country like England. Whilst its hard here and will get a lot harder yet, there is still so much to offer the hard worker and grafter.