Reply To: Is nothing safe anymore?



@maximus wrote:

How have we got ourselves in this position?………

Too much pc, no real consequences pertinent to behaviour/crime and the breakdown of families where there are no role models.

Agree with you Maximus, it’s all sadly affecting the enjoyment of life for many people and believe if nothing is done about it soon, there will be those who will start taking the law into their own hands. People have really had enough of all this so-called liberalism.

Personally I’m sick to death of hearing about the ‘Human Rights’ of those who commit this chaos. I just wish the human rights of the average law-abiding citizen was given greater consideration, the right to be able to live in a safe society.

As for Nigerian women buying babies for £150, then coming to England and going straight from the airport to the council demanding a home and benefits for her and ‘her baby’…….no comment. Tin hat time I suppose.
But ‘society’ has been broken, and it desperately needs fixing.