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@maximus wrote:

I would have put the gun down and walked up to the ring-leader and given him a ‘snap-kick-double punch’. The others would run over ,so you swing on the chandelier and grip one with your legs and throw into the wall. You then run up the wall with a frozzbie-flip and take out the third. The other two are getting worried, so you run up the stars and launch yourself down the banisters landing a heavy boot into the fourth. The fifth tries to get the van going – but Claire has sensibly shot the tyres out!. You then walk them down to the local police station and hand them over. Job done. Easy. 8)

Maximus I think you are playing too often with your Tomb Raider 4 😀

Apparently it is an offence to discharge a fire arm in public and an even more serious one to point it at a member of the public and robbers count as the public.