Reply To: Not just Spanish Property falling, check the UK´s.


At the end of the day, the UK is bankrupt. That is why the pound is now worth so little!

The UK house prices will fall at a higher rate than those on (legal) Spanish houses. GOOD! The UK and it’s people are so property price orientated. They are the ones that have caused the problems in Spain, thinking they will make a quick buck at the expense of the Spanish. If you wish to buy a property, then buy for the lifestyle – not to make money.

Let’s get real, for years people in the UK have lived on credit and now it is wake up time for so many UK residents/expats. If they needed to borrow (heavily) to buy anything including Spanish property they, on the whiole were buying a dream they could not afford. Just remember that within the EEC, the UK is the single worst country to live in, offers the worst publice services and has fuelled hiper inflation throughout Spain but at the costs that go with borrowing money.

So many of the negative posters on this forum have rubbed their hands with glee at the prospect of falls in Spanish Property prices, when in fact it looks like the UK will (as it should) suffer greater drops in prices (and I am glad at that!)