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If you don’t recognise that you are either a liar or you are pretty delusional.

I think you are delusional. I would not like you to advise anyone on any property related matters until you are certified as sane.

Are you always this rude and unpleasant Mike?

I find blatant racism rude and offensive, Peter. You shoul be ashamed of yourself.

However, I also think that blatant racism brings its own reward so I don’t usually comment except when it is stupid and blatant racism.

Mike, I am not with you regarding your post??

Let´s let it go and return to the topic for everyone elses sake.

Thanks anyway.

Good idea. I’m sorry if I overreacted but sometimes I think it’s unfair when someone has come to the UK legally and doing their bit to then be castigated as a scrounger.

However, I also know that sometimes we need to let off steam and perhaps be a bit selfish or self centred because it seems that the world is against us.

I should learn to bite my tongue sometimes.