“I will stop calling you an asshole if you stop calling me a “silly girl”” – If you think that one is like another, just confirms the type of person you must be, and that perhaps me description could be considered as fact and not an opinion.

“I think you are just a saddo.” – You are entitled to an opinion.

“”True investor”…you are on here aren’t you” – Yes.

“sussed you out a while ago.” – Obviously not.

“You have never given any advice to be right or wrong” – Suggest you read some of my comments then?

“If you are in the “business” (excuse my ) lets hope you sink” – Now that opinion could be considered to come from a “saddo”. Never have I wished that any person or business suffers or “sinks”.

“(although “property consultants” already have haven’t they)” – If you say so, you obviously only state fact?????

“So, why exactly are YOU on here” – I read, observe, learn, comment, give an opinion and if possible educate some to control the language they use on an open forum, which can be read by ladies and children.

May I wish a bitter person every success in their life and their business.
One thing I can assure you, which you will not like (as per your comment), is that despite the problems in the financial and property markets worlwide, my businesseswill certainly not “sink”.
If you doubt this statement, I will be only to pleased to enter into some agreement with you, where financial gains/losses could be agreed to. Just PM me if you wish.