Reply To: Exchange rate


I am all in favour of free movement of goods, services and finance throughout the European Community and with this the freedom of Community Members to work and live in the country of their choice. This, after all, is the generic ethos behind the European Community,

But, what a find annoying is that:

The UK Government won’t adopt the Euro.
Wages of low paid workers are being driven down due to competition from migrant workers.
Earnings for business owners are being inflated by migrant workers.
House prices are too high due to excess demand.
The gap between rich and poor is too large and increasing. There needs to be a modest redistribution of wealth from the older generations to young people; but these youngsters cannot get on the housing market.

In other words, the UK government has been distorting European economics in-order to remain in power.

By expanding the boundaries of the European Community this can only gets worse. Apparently there will be a huge movement of Turkish workers next.