Reply To: Spanish property market 2007/2008 report discussion



“yes, you carry on backing the scum bags” – but you silly, silly, person, don’t you realise that I do not support liars and cheats, and when it comes to “denying the truth”, there are so many purchasers who do that. They are in denial, they will accept no blame whatsoever.

You may find my repeated comments on viewing both sides of an argument annoying, but don’t you realise that the repeated reference to “scum bags” is a bore?
As for claims that they’ve lied, conned, and would sell their soul for a fast buck.” – would you not agree that many of those who have been conned were in it to make a fast buck themselves?
Lies, well, I wonder how many purchasers told the truth when completing an application for a loan?

Regarding your accusation that “You are either one of them,” if you care to PM me with your details and confirm such an accusation of me, I will respond accordingly.

Perhaps Mark may wish to comment on such an accusation being made on the thread?
Isn’t one entitled to have an opining without being accused of being a “scum bag”, “denying the truth” and being a conman?