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Regarding my words about this administrative silence which may mean consent, I do not seek to give false hopes to all of those who are looking for obtain something unlawful only for the delay of an administrative body answering an application. This principle operates solely in the case of ‘that the correct information was submitted and it complies with planning regulations’
Our statutory framework of responsibilities among local authorities, regional and national is very complex because they all enact their own rules through acts or ordinances but briefly and in plain English there are two levels:

1º City Councils:
They have enormous power in this particular issue and the most important duties that they must do are granting permits and design the municipal zoning ordinances known as ‘PGOU’ ‘Plan general de ordenacion urbana’ as well as plans of building plots for specific areas. For this reason planning officers in Town Halls are the best references for advise because they will decide your application according to the conditions set forth in the PGOU which declares how and where you can build.

2º Regional Bodies
As you know Spain is administratively divided in ‘Comunidades Autonomas’ with a vast range of competencies, among those we can find the regulation by law of these subjects and to oversees the duties of the Town Halls within its jurisdiction specifically they revise and scrutiny every PGOU