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Thank you for your swift and helpful response.

This summary is exactly what i need and should now enable me to undertake further ‘infomred’ research into the particualr geographical area that interests me.

I am aware that the profession of ‘town planning’ does not exist in the strictest sense; or it does, but it is carried out by qualified architects unlike here in the UK were both town planners and architects fulfil different roles. What i find interesting here in the UK is that the Town Planners are not actually ‘qualified’ in desing terms to understand architect’s drawings. Usually for this role a design officer will assist.

What is of particular interest to me is option b) Major construction work permit “Licencia de Obra mayor” . For undertaking works such as new buildings, alterations, demolitions or even the construction of a swimming pool you need to apply for a “Licencia de Obra mayor”

I will need to seek the advise of an architect as part of the due-diligence exercise into the potential purchase of a property that i am currently considering. The extent of the works are, as per my last post, are in keeping with the character of the dwelling and its extensive plot… but that is only my opinion!

What i find of interest is the following:

“If the Town Hall does not reply you with a written notification within the time period provided by law , you will automatically obtain the licence, assuming that the correct information was submitted and it complies with planning regulations”.

This places the onus firmly with the local authorites to make a decision within the specified timescale for determining applications. What differs in the uk is the ‘8 week rule’ whereby the applicant has the right to appeal on grounds of non-determination – should the local authorities not have reached a decision. However, it is often the case that the applicant and the local authorities will agree to a time extension rather than the applicant incurring the costs (and time delay) of running an appeal.

One final question. Here, in the uk the jurisdication for development plans tend to extend to the local authority’s area. I read alot about the importance of the ‘Town Hall’ in Spain. Is the local authority juristication for planning purposes more compact in spain (town to town, village to village) or are area’s divided into regional areas?

Thanks again for your help!