Reply To: Opinions and Stories WANTED ASAP!



Hi Izzie

I have a deposit on a property which I personally paid for a 100% bank guarantee.( Didnt rely on developer or Bank)
Now the Banks acknowledge that I have not been supplied a product as per plans with my 25 m2 garden missing and I have a case.
The developer who is 3 years late also admits that they have failed to supply as per contract however they have instructed the Banks not to pay out on the guarantee.
To be fair and bless em they have not insisted I complete,I have a court date in 2009 and they say they wish to settle out of court for 10% of my deposit.
Now here are many saying that there is no justice in Spain and we should all celebrate this wonderfull example of just how the system works.
Now where do monkeys stuff their nuts and how do you say F-ck Off in Spain.( Just for reference Izzie of course )
Hope this is not considered a rant.

Just Frank 8)