Reply To: Opinions and Stories WANTED ASAP!



Forgive me LittleIssie, but if you are writing a thesis I assumed that it would be research based, after all that’s what a thesis is, a statement of your research. Without wanting to sound like your tutor your methodology should be either inductive or deductive. That is, you should have either something to test (deductive) or you are looking for something to test (inductive).

You seem to have started from a deductive premise “corruption in Spanish politics has affected the property market” i assumed therefore you have a theory that Spanish Politics is overly affecting the Property market in someway, just to say politics affects the property market in a country or state is way to wide and the answer is “it does” in any case.

I understand you (depending on your methodology) may not want to enlighten us at this stage what your research to date has shown. Even so your request is a little open ended, maybe you should be asking more specific questions in order (i assume) that we might provide anecdotal evidence to support (or question) your theory. I would suggest to ask whether we agree with a statement or not, or comment on a particular premise. I’m sure you would find more useful that a “rant” which to be honest will be of little use to your research. Plus there are pleanty of rants on the board anyway.