Reply To: Santa Maria Village (yes again!)


One thing Drakan did say on the Administrative Silence rule is “There is no general rule because there are plenty of shades of grey”.
This probably now not only sums up the Admin. Silence rule, but the total Spanish property situation as whole.

The theory is the Administrative Silence rule can be applied once a developer has requested the LFO (Licence of First Occupation) and 3 months has passed without being officially inspected. A rule originally brought in to speed things up for overloaded Town Halls and obviously only applied to totally legal building licences.
However, as Drakan also confirmed, in this day and age of so many suspect/illegal licences it can no longer be assumed……otherwise all illegal builds would suddenly become legal by using this rule.
Apparently one way to confirm if the AS rule really has resulted in approval for an LFO for a particular development is for the developer to get his AS application rubber stamped by the Town Hall once the 3 months has passed as at least some sort of proof. However even that is now in question when the Junta can decide to overrule the TH whenever it wants.

It’s all a nightmare situation for people involved in purchasing, and not just “a minor problem that will be sorted out on an ongoing basis” as someone suggested recently. 🙄
Don’t hold your breathe, the Junta seems to add to all the uncertainty every week such as Hillybilly’s link yesterday.