Reply To: Santa Maria Village (yes again!)


F.O.L being claimed by the admin silence rule has been accepted rule.
Rules were changed and it will be the courts to decide if its right that one day the developers/Banks,solicitors,councils buyers were working within a system accepted by all parties and then they are not and everything is then illegal.
Not saying what is right or wrong in any of this but deciding in court where the legal line has been crossed and who is going to win or loose will prove a right mess.
Developer will appeal if he looses as he says it is not his fault but the Marbella Council,anyway,the claimant will also appeal if he looses and say its illegal and they dont have to complete and will carry on for years.
I would be amazed if the Banks will hold their hands up and say that its covered under the guarantee and equally the same that the courts would rule against them in this particular development/s
To be safe and to warn everyone what a dreadful situation this forum place on developments in Elviria perhaps it may be a good idea to add them to the black list thread.

Just Frank 8)