Reply To: Developer refuses to honour private purchase contract!



I understand that the property has only just received a habitation license & I guess this is why the developer is applying pressure to complete (they have asked me to do this on April the 9th).


DGR, Are you absolutely sure about this?

The certificate of end of works from the Architect is not enough to make you complete. You must have the Licence of First Occupation.
Has your lawyer got a copy of the LFO? If he has then you must see it for yourself. If the property is complete and it has the LFO then as far as I am aware, your BG is no longer valid and you must go to completion. Your developer could sue you for non completion!
Is your lawyer saying you have a case?
PLEASE don’t be under any illusion that you can win this case. I know many people who have much bigger problems than yours and have lost their case and are going to appeal. Our property was not built, we had a BG and still we had to go through two court cases. The bank appealed against the first judgement which was in our favour.