Reply To: Mortgage Defaults


The valautions are onyl valid for 6 months and so will reflect the ‘valuations’ at that time. Comparables are sneaking in a lot now as well so they are becoming more accurate, although these are based on asking figures! Now that the black money syndrome is dead, we should start to see full declared prices and what people actually paid – however I know this practise is still very much going on in Almeria/Alicante region and still here amongst the spanish who have cash to buy with!!!

Banks are now declaring the full amount – that did used to amaze me when a mortgage was given and the bank underdecalred what they had lent!!!!!

Wonder how they will argue that in court on a repo!

Anyway, if you live for more than 3 years out of 5 away from the uk then when you go back you are classed as an immigrant! Unfortunately that DOESNT mean you get everything given, even if you and your families have paid everything and never claimed in your lives. I found that out 9 years ago!!!!

You will have to keep puching at the system and you will get there.

Good luck!