Reply To: Why is this forum becoming so devalued?


So what statistics are available to show that it is the developer’s/agent’s tactics that have lead to so many tears, compared to greed, stupidity, chance of a quick buck to be made, by the purchaser.
It could be considered that the more wise purchaser would carrying out a complete investigation prior to parting with money, but the stupid, greedy or influenced by alcohol on viewing trips, do not do so much research, therefore, are the people who should be warned. Otherwise, they will put pen to paper and it will cost us all, in taxes and interest.

The land grab is a terrible thing to get caught up with, but it has been there for a long time.

Changing the laws of the land. That could take quite a while.

“Lets hit the guilty” – Agreed, that means those who visited with rose tinted glasses, believed they could rent out and make good money, the find they can’t repay their loan and expect to hand the keys in and walk away.

Made mistakes, sure have, but don’t blame everyone else and face up to it myself.