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quote]n the most recent email I have received from Michael Cashman MEP he tells me that the British Government can do nothing, & that Our Petition should be presented to the Spanish Government. I really have very little faith in taking this action.

I will try & speak with MC on the telephone, but would be interested in what others think. My focus has been on getting the EU Committee involved in this mess, as I really feel initial intervention is needed outside of Spain.

Hi, I’m a new member of this group. Thanks for all your stories/feedback, it’s so useful.

We put down 30% in 2004 on Los Lagos. Our Previous Audience Hearing is in May, but the developer has stalled us already from February, because of “forgetting” some part of his argument, so already we are witnessing the stalling process. We ran a credit check on the developer last year and all was ok. Running regular checks on them/him seems like a good idea.

Way back, our counsel in Spain suggested sueing the Town Hall rather than the developer and this is a course we are still considering. However, regarding the quote above, she (our counsel) has just emailed me this morning saying we would probably have much more luck with the Spanish Government than with ours in the UK or in the EP. Has anyone any experience of this?

As you know, the cases can go either way, depending on the judge, but if he loses, the developer goes straight to appeal. We’ve been advised that we can now “negotiate” with the developer, but don’t want to do this, as it will obviously weaken our case. The ONLY reason we don’t want to complete is because our development is illegal and has no FOL. NOT because property prices have allegedly fallen, which is the developers argument.