Reply To: Advice on Locations etc (Marbella ‘ish!)



Hello Irish Jim

Yes, I’m an agent, but thought it would be good to point out that, when I could live in any part of the Costa del Sol, I have specifically chosen to live in Elviria.

A note – You will not get a 3 bedroom apartment in Hacienda Playa for 550k. Only 3 bed I know of for sale is around the 775,000€ mark. Legal blocks in Hacienda Paya keep rising in price. Hacienda Elviria on the other side of the road (same developer), you may get a 3 bed, but without a view.

Tread VERY carefully in this area. Many of the newer, luxurious developments in the area do not have first occupation licences so if you need a mortgage then these are not an option:

1) Jardines de Don Carlos
2) Las Sabinas de Don Carlos
3) Hacienda Playa Phase 3 blocks 5 & 6. Phase 1 has the licence (and I have a copy).
4) Green Hills, Pinogolf, Los Lagos, Santa Maria Village, Los Patios, etc. are all on the other side of the road and have licence issues.
5) If someone tries to show you stuff with Police tape round it then you know it is 100% illegal!

If you don’t mind doing up a property then the older development of Golden Beach is lovely. You’ll also find 3 bedroom properties within budget at Bahia de Marbella and Alicate Playa.

Good luck in your search.

Sarah Dodgson