We had to go to court to have our money recovered from the developer.
The judge ordered them to return our money but they ignored the judges order and so we had to go beck to the court to get an embargo put on their bank account to force them to pay up. We did not have to pay anything extra to get this done but the thing people must be aware of is that you are only allowed to pick 2 accounts on which to place the embargo. Developers have many accounts in various banks but you are given a choice of what 2 banks on which to put it… if you pick the wrong bank account (ie the account in which the developer has no money in) you are then faced with the prospect that it will serve no purpose as there will be no money in the account so the developer dose not care.
We, or I should say my brilliant solicitor picked the 2 correct bank accounts in that they were the accounts that had money in them so we were very fortunate in that within hours of putting on the freeze they were phoning our solicitor saying they would pay up.
All this stress, upset and money we had to pay in solicitor and court fees to get our money back on a broperty that was built illegally in the first place.