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VenderDirect is not an Agent, we are a marketing company that provides Vendors and Landlords with marketing packages. We have many packages to suite all budgets.

Venders Direct seem to have gone skint anyway. They had an office in Torreblanca on the Paseo which is now empty!!

At the end of the day, “Pay me X Euros and I will put the details of your house on my website” sounds a bargain BUT ONLY if that site has genuine buyers looking, otherwise it is waste of the X Euros. The “package may suit the budget” but without a result all it means is that the company takes your money, automates a web page of a size to suit but if that page is not seen, then what was the point?

We all know that at the moment, there are NO BUYERS LOOKING at the CDS so any/all internet sites are almost worth a miss if they want money up front!!