Reply To: Developers going bust



Hi Mark,

Here a few examples:


Dursa Properties. They are developing the Isla Del Fraile Resort near Aguilas coast city.

It was supposed to be two phases and the first phase is delaying a lot and lately the construction work is very very slow almost insignificant. I have a property near the beach there and every weekend I spent my time there I drive throught the road which is near the development and it always seems the same. It seems that they are struggling to get the money to finish it so surely the sales will be very scared about that.

This development is supposed to be a luxury one but the first phase has horrible views to the montains and the second one with views to the sea and the island of Fraile it has not started yet and I guess It wont never.

LORCA GOLF RESORT BY GROUP ALZE (Who the hell are this guys?)

They would develop which was going to be the first golf resort in Lorca (Murcia). In order to avoid law they destroyed the environment with the bulldozers so there wasnt anything to protect in which was supposed a protected area.

Luckily the crisis arrived and the guys who were behind this got in almost bankrupt and the work stopped. It have passed almost 3 years and the work continues stopped and the nature have regenerated by itself what the bulldozers destroyed. There is still there a sales stand in the middle of the desert but I think it also wont be developed soon. I expect 10 years or more for this or even it wont be developer never. You can see this going from Lorca to Aguilas looking at the left when you start driving along the mountain that separates Lorca from Aguilas.