Reply To: Can’t afford to carry on with mortgage payments


@Just Frank wrote:

I have to say that I am no where near your level in the world of finance however here goes and I hope I dont embarrass myself and no where near as intellegent as most that you have spoken to on the forum.

You know Frank, just being a wonderful person is enough, we don’t expect you to be intelligent too. However, here are some tips on how to sound like you know what you are talking about when it comes to investing.

Say “yield” a lot. If no one else has mentioned the word then just throw it in there by asking what the yield is and when you get a reply look at the notes you just made and then nod and grimace (you’re used to better)

Cashflow. If something you own is looking dodgy then claim bad cash flow, in that way the investment was never a mistake, it was those creditors unable to pay you on time.

Concept. If you need some time to understand something ask about the concept, they will waffle on for a bout 20 minutes while you try and figure out what is puzzling you.

LTBH. Never actually do this but talk about it a lot, people like to hear it.

Remember, when talking investment Macro is not a supermarket, it’s something to do with the economy. Try to look pensive, if things are looking good at the moment you should say that the macro view isn’t so rosey, and vice versa. That always slays them.

Oh, finally, add a nought onto all figures when discussing business. I do, 100% of the time